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The most recent, state-of-the-art, research developments and treatment therapies that were once available only to patients in certain areas of the country are now available here in the community as a result of our research program

- Carrie Smith, Chief Operations Officer

Clinical trials, also called research studies, test new treatments or procedures in people with cancer or other diseases. The aim in conducting clinical research is to discover new anti-cancer drugs and improved methods of support care. Without clinical research, there would be no advances in cancer treatments.


Every patient at Gabrail Cancer Center is treated according to the usual standard of care, but our patients have the unique opportunity of going beyond and enrolling in clinical trials testing future drugs. Our patients rarely need to travel long distances to access innovative experimental therapies since these trials are available at our center.

Patients are able to receive state-of-the-art treatment close to home and critical questions about the effectiveness of new drugs are answered much more rapidly. We also have clinical trials that involve all aspects of care including prevention, early detection, patient treatment, pain management, and continuing care.

If you are eligible for any of the trials in our program, Dr. Gabrail will discuss these with you along with other treatment options. Because we believe that patients should have access to as many treatment options as possible, our highly accomplished and board certified physician encourages patients to participate in clinical trials when the most appropriate treatment is a trial with a new compound.

Gabrail Cancer Center’s clinical research center carries out clinical studies on behalf of the nation’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. We are recognized by them as having a reputation for conducting high quality clinical studies. At Gabrail Cancer Center, we play a crucial role in developing the next generation’s health care solutions by testing tomorrow’s medicines today.

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