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Quality Scans at a Low Cost

The essence of better health care delivery is the combination of high-quality and cost-conscious services. The insurance industries and patients recognize Gabrail Cancer Center for doing just that.

Being a cancer center that is heavily involved in clinical research necessitates the utmost accuracy and superb quality of imaging services, as all clinical trials that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require imaging accuracy and accountability.

On-site medical imaging services are available at our center to minimize imaging issues and to take control of the technical and professional qualities of medical scans

Scans are done in a timely fashion. Our radiology staff, who read the scans and receive the images, have instant access to the ordering clinician to discuss a finding urgently. 

The same is true when patients are referred from community physicians. Patients are scheduled as soon as their schedule allows. Once the scans are performed, the reports are on the desk of the referring physician within 24 hours for the elective cases and within minutes for emergency cases.

Instant Imaging is ACR Accredited, allows for quick and easy scheduling, and is conveniently located at Gabrail Cancer Center.


To schedule an appointment,

Call us at (330) 492-3345 or


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